US in Taiwan

  • 台灣頭頸軟組織超音波發展歷史
    1. 1984 Society of ultrasound medicine (SUM) ROC
    2. 1996 First Trial of ENT Ultrasound : Dr. GS Wu (吳志修)
    3. 2002 Regular ultrasound examination in ENT, NTUH
    4. 2007 Far Eastern Memorial Hospital HN US: Li-Jen Liao(廖立人)
    5. 2010 Annual training program national wide
    6. 2012 Annual academic meeting in SUM
    7. 2017 First time in WFUMB to have the specific ENT&HN division
    8. 2020 First time in SUM ROC to have the specific ENT&HN division


    In 2019, we search the website of hospitals and clinics in Taiwan and find the head and neck surgeons do neck ultrasound.

    From July to Dec 2019, total 44 HNS responded to our questionnaire.

    The position used: the majority used supine position with head toward the operator. No one routine use sitting position.

    The machine used

    The applications:most doctors use ultrasound in thyroid disease, lymph node, salivary gland and neck mass assessment. Some nused to check vocal fold , upper airway and joints.

    US-FNA and US-CNB are much lower than CT and MRI. One US-procedure is around 30 US dollar in Taiwan.

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