Post RT LN prediction model(2020)

3.Post RT LN Score (2017) =   

Equation: 1.48 x (I) + 2.03 x (II) + 1.35 x (III) + 2.27 x (IV) + 3.70


(I) Hilar echo

(II) Short axis

(III) Long axis

(IV) Boundary

1. WC Lo et al.(2017).Clin Otolaryngology A real-time prediction model for post-irradiation malignant cervical lymph nodes.
2.WC Lo et al.(2016) PLOS one. The Effect of Radiotherapy on UltrasoundGuided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy and the Ultrasound Characteristics of Neck Lymph Nodes in Oral Cancer Patients after Primary Treatment

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